Soooo, I’ve been rather busy lately, to say the least. There’s this language called Ruby, that’s specifically made for developers, and this framework called rails with really the same purpose, and these things called gems, and this amazing thing called a terminal that regular people don’t even know about, rspec, and git, and this and that and and and…

Yeah, the development world is big and I have plunged myself head first.

Things are going well. I came into the course without having ever learned about Ruby and now I’ve made a working command line application and am now working on a Reddit clone.

Ruby and Rails are so vastly different than other frameworks/languages I’ve encountered in the past. Time will tell what I ultimately think of them. I imagine I’ll have more fleshed out opinion at the end of my course.

Besides learning about how rails handles the MVC architecture, I’m surprised that I haven’t had too many sticking points so far that were not simply syntax issues. Having said that, some of the syntax issues are rather discouraging!

I’ve gone through my fair share of imposter syndrome already and I imagine that will continue. Though, each of those moments is matching with a euphoric high after solving the problem.

Here is a good illustration of this feeling as a developer. Desert of Despair

Stay tuned…