The next step in the Alexa project was to edit another sample template to further understand the way I can develop for Alexa and to further get experience with their submission process.

I started with this ‘Space Geek’ fact Skill and I modified it to a become a ‘Euro 2016’ fact skill given the perfect timing right in the middle of the current Euro Cup (2016).

I proceeded with this skill in much the same way as the first. The sample was much less cumbersome to adjust because the logic is much simpler for just a fact spewing Skill. The biggest issue that I noticed for the submission process this time is that the Alexa team did not get to review my Skill within what I had estimated being a 24-hour window. This longer timeframe (it’s still counting at the time of this post) is very disappointing. To think that these complicated Skills cannot be certified for less than 48 hours is disheartening. I can imagine some might say I’m being too harsh, however, I don’t think so. There are a great number of items to checkoff the submission checklist to ensure compliance and it is quite easy to overlook them or implement them incorrectly. And then not know until after a go at the certification process and that cycle taking 48+ hours…that’s bad.

So, I am finished with the fact Skill and am still awaiting certification.

Check it out, ‘Euro 2016 Fun Facts’ by Mustang Designs…soon

Stay tuned…