I’ve now been working on a custom Alexa skill. I am still trying to utilize some of the templates provided by Amazon to configure the foundation for my skill, but this skill will be doing something that is not offered by one of their standards templates. So this is a much bigger challenge. There is a lot of interactivity in the Alexa code I need to be aware of as I move forward. It’s important to keep in mind the request and response objects that Alexa expects as that can be the biggest tripping point in submitting a skill for certification.

My idea for this skill is mainly for myself to use, although maybe others might end up finding it useful. I am creating a skill for practicing fast footwork at home for soccer skill development. These skills are meant to be practiced on your own for about 15 minutes every day and I think having a voice guide during your training would be a great asset to help keep you on track to know which move comes next and how long to do each move before moving to the next.

I’ve written up my intents, utterances, and program flow, though I can easily see myself changing these as I get to testing, especially as I get to see what ‘feels’ best.

Stay tuned…