This project is a simple number guessing game.


This project was created to get familiar with JavaScript interactivity. The premise of this application was that a user would try to guess a randomly chosen number. Their feedback to each guess would be hot or cold depending on whether they were getting closer or further from the chosen number.


For this project, I wanted to have a repeating loop to have the user guess a number and then have the application respond with whether the guess was closer or further away from the number answer. Also, I wanted the application to present the number of user guesses so far. Throughout this loop, the application would have to remain on the same page, thus staying as a single-page application.


I utilized jQuery to get this application to present each feedback and its corresponding guess number to the user after the user made their guess. Using JavaScript functionality allowed me to keep the project as a single-page application with no page reloads.

Results and Conclusion

While this was a very simplistic application, it was fun to get to use JavaScript to create UI interactivity for the user, as well as creating a fun, little game.

Click on the picture above to visit the application or visit here for the code.