The thought behind this project was to create a place for an organization to have a central hub for activities. It allows for users to log in, change their password, see a list of members, edit members, sort and search for members, and even find local paintball facilities depending on member’s location.


All kinds of organizations have a need to have a central place for their membership activities. So I sought out to provide this solution while having a real world chance to practice my PHP knowledge.


This application allowed me to use PHP to implement a variety of database interactivity. I created a user login feature, a feature for password changes, a way to view, edit and delete the members as well as sort and search for members. In addition, I was also able to implement the ability to find a facility near any member.

Each of these features required my ability to interact with the database, display database information, and integrate API features.


Most of this application relied on saving data into a database and retrieving that data. This was all done with PHP and no additional libraries were used. Development was conducted on a local environment and once complete, a demo was ported over to Heroku and changes were made to accommodate Heroku’s functionality requirements for hosting PHP based applications. In addition, Google Maps API was used to create a mapping interface to show each member where nearby paintball facilities were located. This functionality included querying the database and using that information to plot makers on a Google Map interface.


This application was designed very early in my development career, and yet, the design is sufficient and the functionality is great. It meets the requirements I set out to achieve and it provides a great platform for future improvements, should a client ever need a similar solution.


Even with this application having been created several years ago, it provided a great opportunity to use PHP to develop a database driven web application.

Click on the picture above to visit the application or visit here for the code.